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Is it true that the “Noorie” lantern is multi-fuel? And…..” Since the invention of lanterns in the 1920s nothing had been modified until Noorie came along?”

FALSE!!! Absolutely, not true, and is very misleading to customers. The lantern is not capable of multi-fuel use, and, definitely is not manufactured for use with methanol. As far as our investigations reveal, we have never found a “Noorie” lantern manufacturing facility. This is another example of the various “copies” […]

Will your parts fit my old Petromax?

Most parts will fit; however, we do not guarantee that your lantern will operate properly. It is always best to send your lantern to BriteLyt, Inc., if you wish to “modify” your lantern model. We do have parts and make repairs to Butterfly, Wenzel, Egret Brand, Sea Anchor, Aida, Hipolito, […]