Quick reference guide to order lantern parts

Parts Listing for 500CP or HK lanterns: Just pick a part number and click to order some parts are for the XL lantern you may need to search the number to find your part. Go to 150CP for parts

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Gas Chamber Nozzle  

3-34Stainless Nozzle System119Key for Needle
4Soft Mantle 1 tie hole121Frame with Name Tag
6-2-O-RingPump Piston Complete122Center Bottom Plate
10Pump Valve Complete123Hood with Top
11Washer for Filling125Inner Casing
13Bleeder Screw for 149148Complete Upper System
14Screw for 122149Filling Screw Gauge
17Check Valve Cone w/ rubber152Vaporizer Upper Part
18Spring for Check Valve153Vaporizer Lower Part
20Clip165Plastic Filling Funnel
21Screw180Cleaning Needle for Rapid Pre-Heater Device
33-HPMixing Tube (HP)187Sieve for Rapid Pre-Heater Device
35Alcohol Heater Cup191Valve Bar
40Pump Knob193Valve Washer (Check Valve)
41Fixing Disc194Valve Spring
42Cap for Pump Barrel196Vaporizer Valve Complete
43Pump Piston-Rod220Flame Protecting Tube
44Spring for Pump Piston221Nipple for Rapid Pre-Heater
46-2-O-RingO-Ring Pump System222Nut for Nipple
47Pump Piston Nut223Tip Complete
50Nipple224Connecting Piece for Rapid Pre-Heater
66Spanner with Gauge225Connecting Piece for Complete Pre-Heater (224, 90,187)
67Alcohol cup filling bottle226Rapid Pre-Heating Device Complete
68Needle227Disc for Wheel Part 111 (On & Off Knob)
74Glass Chimney/Globe229Check Packing with Screw for Rapid Pre-Heater
83Valve Washer for 10102Counter Nut for Connecting Rod
90Lead Washer for Vaporizer and preheating device103Conducting Piece
14Screw for 122XL lanterns104Conducting rod complete
98Pump Barrel105Excentre
100Complete Sys Pump107Nipple for Wheel
101Conducting Rod108Washer Packing
126Heat Shield111Hand Wheel / On & Off Knob
112Nut for Wheel113Sleeve Nut for Excentre
114Excentre Complete115Vaporize Complete
117Inner Casing Complete118Fount (Fuel tank)
34Gas Chamber3Nozzle
22Cross-bar33Mixing tube
46Leather washer45Pump piston plate