Let Us Rebuild Or Repair Your Lantern!

We repair the lanterns with the highest quality of parts (back to or better then factory specs).
(GSI technicians have many years of Technical Experience)

When we return your lantern we add 3 mantles at no charge.

Repairs can take 2-8 weeks but most are completed within 2 weeks.
Many lanterns are repaired in the first hour. If you have any questions please call us Monday – Friday 9am-5pm (EST/EDT) 1-727-451-7020.

Labor is charged at a minimum rate of one hour ($45) and $35/hour per additional hour plus parts and shipping. See below if you’ll be shipping from outside of the USA.

If you would like to have your old parts after the repair just ask and we will send them back with your lantern.

When you ship your lantern go to our contact page and send the tracking number to us.

We do have parts and make repairs to Butterfly, Wenzel, Egret Brand, Sea Anchor, American Camper, Petromax, Hipolito, Geniol, Aida, BriteLyt, Santrax, Colemax & other models of Pressurized lanterns. Just contact us if you do not see your lantern brand here. We do not have parts or repair Coleman lanterns.

When shipping your lantern for repair:

  1. Do not ship with fuel in tank. Please check and verify that the lantern is empty of fuel before shipping. If we receive your lantern with fuel in the tank you will be charge a $25.00 disposal fee.
  2. Do not ship with Glass Globe in the lantern, just ship the lantern.
  3. The best sized box to ship your lantern to us is an 18x14x12 inches (46 x 36 x 31 cm). If you are shipping in a larger box please ensure that your lantern is tightly packaged and well insulated, as GSI assumes no responsibility for broken lanterns or parts.
  4. Put your contact info inside the box with the lantern (name, ship to address, telephone number and/or email address).
  5. We will invoice you for payment when repairs are complete. We take credit cards.
    (We can call you for your credit card), checks, or money orders).
  6. After submitting the repair authorization form below we will email you. This email will contain information about where to send your lantern and more information regarding your request.
  7. Ship your lantern to us by UPS in the lower 48 states (United States).
  8. If you’re not sure of the lantern you have. Send photos of your lantern so we can let you know if it can be repaired. If you ship a lantern, we cannot repair we will charge S&H to have your lantern ship back to you. Go to the contact page ask for our email to send the photos but only if you’re not sure of what lantern you have.
  9.  The warranty does not cover Shipping. 
  10. UPS Store: Best way to box lantern or lanterns use a UPS Store they have a 99% good delivery rate all that we have received from them arrive in great shape.
  11. Do not ship by FedEx as they do not deliver until after we close.
  12. Do not add Signature Confirmation as we have a security drop off area.. do add Insurance.

OUTSIDE U.S. ONLY: Customs duties and feeds will be applied as per your country’s requirements if GSI is not notified of such customs and fees before shipping to your country. Contact your country’s customs agency for import duties and fee amounts. GSI  is not responsible for import customs and fees. Call or email if you need more info on the above.



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