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Heating Cup-Part 35

Heating Cup-Part#35

Heating Cup Heating Cup for 500CP,and 350CP lanterns (NOT FOR THE NEW BRITELYT 500CP XL) Made of Brass and Nickel plated, this item also in polished brass and matte finish. For use on  Older: Petromax,BriteLyt,Aida,Hipolito,Geniol and other 500CP and 350CP lanterns Used for preheating with Alcohol.

Alcohol tray kit

Alcohol tray kit-Part#ATK

Alcohol tray kit for 350CP, and 500CP lanterns. Part Alcohol tray kit for size (350CP,500CP) lanterns. Funnel is used for filling up lanterns and stoves. Part 165 Plastic filling funnel w/sieve. Part 35 Heating cup used for preheating with Alcohol. Part 67 is used for adding alcohol or some fuel […]

Quick reference guide to order lantern parts

Parts Listing for 500CP or HK lanterns: Just pick a part number and click to order some parts are for the XL lantern you may need to search the number to find your part. Go to 150CP for parts If you do not find the part you need contact us   […]

Used by the US Military

Why BriteLyt?

For years GSI / BriteLyt has been dedicated to the most innovative and reliable high powered, liquid fuel lanterns and accessories. Now we’re excited to share the biggest innovation in over 100 years for liquid fuel lantern technology, the new BriteLyt Rapid500CP and 150CP series, multi-fuel lanterns. We started from […]