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Mixing Tube Part 33-HP

Mixing Tube Part#33-HP

Mixing Tube for 500CP and 350CP lanterns. Same Mixing tube used on the New BriteLyt XL lanterns. Will give your lantern a better airflow and fuel mix for a brighter and smooth light. BriteLyt, petromax, geniol, hipolito, aida, wenzel, santrax, american camper SeaAnchor and other lamps and lanterns.  

High-performance Mixing Tube-33-B

High-performance Mixing Tube-Part#33-B

High-performance Mixing Tube BriteLyt NEWEST High-performance version of the Mixing Tube. No butterfly adjustment screw. High-performance part.  Provides better vapor flow. Increases light output, and helps prevent “yellowish” or “reddish” light from mantle. Works on All 500CP and 350CP lanterns.(Petromax,BriteLyt,Hipolito,Aida, and Geniol)    


My 150CP BriteLyt rocks!! It sits out on my dining room table because it looks so damn good whether its lit or not. My Coleman Northstar is a good lantern too but it’s hanging in the closet. Cannon, customer A quick story about CARB CLEANER: In Afghanistan, we had an […]