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BriteLyt 150CP HP part 117

BriteLyt 150CP HP-part#1501173ss

BriteLyt 150CP HP part 117 Benefits: Provides better vapor flow. Decreases, and in some cases eliminates the odor of fuel, during lantern operation. Increases light output. Stronger than standard ceramic #3 Doesn’t loosen up, like regular ceramic piece. Provides shorter pre-heating time. Cleaner mantle-burn with oil-based fuels. A bright burn […]

500CP and 350CP Inner Casing Complete-Part 117

Inner Casing Complete-Part#117

500CP and 350CP Inner Casing Complete-Part 117 Complete and ready to use with… parts 33,34,3,125 that has 20,21,22. Part 33 does not come with adjustment screw. PLEASE NOTE, THIS PART IS NOT APPLICABLE TO THE NEW BRITELYT 500CP/XL LANTERNS. THIS PART WILL ONLY WORK ON OLDER VERSIONS.


My 150CP BriteLyt rocks!! It sits out on my dining room table because it looks so damn good whether its lit or not. My Coleman Northstar is a good lantern too but it’s hanging in the closet. Cannon, customer A quick story about CARB CLEANER: In Afghanistan, we had an […]