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500CP /350CP Clear BriteLyt Glass-Part 74-500CP

Clear BriteLyt Glass-Part#74-500CP

500CP /350CP Clear BriteLyt Glass-Part 74-500CP NEW Glass technology from BriteLyt made from (Pyrex glass) more thickness and more glass (weight).(Clear Chimney) Works on all 500CP and 350CP lanterns, can be used in a 2 burner Coleman lantern. Resistance to Heat: min. 350 centigrade Annealing temperature 560-620 centigrade Weight approx: […]

Quick reference guide to order lantern parts

Parts Listing for 500CP or HK lanterns: Just pick a part number and click to order some parts are for the XL lantern you may need to search the number to find your part. Go to 150CP for parts If you do not find the part you need contact us   […]

500CP Matte Finish BriteLyt Lantern

500CP Matte Finish BriteLyt Lantern

The BriteLyt 500CP XL Rapid, the new world standard! The only Multi-Fuel lantern made today. A perfect companion for your outdoor lifestyle needs. Constructed of a thicker, solid brass material, featuring several internationally patent pending improvements, the new BriteLyt lanterns are a great fit for camping, hunting, fishing boating or […]