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Complete part 115


Complete part 115-500CP Complete-Part 115 for 500CP can be used on 350CP lanterns.  part 50, 68, 104, 114, 152, 153, 196, 90. For older 350CP and 500CP lanterns. PLEASE NOTE, THIS PART IS NOT APPLICABLE TO THE NEW BRITELYT 500CP/XL LANTERNS. THIS PART WILL ONLY WORK ON OLDER VERSIONS.

Used by the US Military

Why BriteLyt?

For years Britelyt has been dedicated to the most innovative and reliable high powered, liquid fuel lanterns and accessories. Now we’re excited to share the biggest innovation in over 100 years for liquid fuel lantern technology, the new BriteLyt Rapid500CP and 150CP series, multi-fuel lanterns. We started from scratch to […]


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500CP /350CP Clear BriteLyt Glass-Part 74-500CP

Clear BriteLyt Glass-Part#74-500CP

500CP /350CP Clear BriteLyt Glass-Part 74-500CP NEW Glass technology from BriteLyt made from (Pyrex glass) more thickness and more glass (weight).(Clear Chimney) Works on all 500CP and 350CP lanterns, can be used in a 2 burner Coleman lantern. Resistance to Heat: min. 350 centigrade Annealing temperature 560-620 centigrade Weight approx: […]

500CP / BriteLyt Petromax Parts Kit w/Leather washer-Part 1020-LEATHER-500CP

500CP / BriteLyt Petromax Parts Kit-Part# 1020-LEATHER-500CP

500CP / BriteLyt Petromax Parts Kit w/Leather washer 500CP parts kit most needed for rugged, heavy usage, or for older lantern rebuilding. Parts will also work for older generations Petromax ,Hipolito ,Aida ,Geniol ,& BriteLyt. Parts in kit: #17-1,#18-1,#83-1,(#193-1made of Viton rubber),#194-1,#195-1,#90-2,#50-1,#68-2,#46-1,(#11-1 made of Viton rubber,)#229-1. This kit has the […]