My 150CP BriteLyt rocks!! It sits out on my dining room table because it looks so damn good whether its lit or not. My Coleman Northstar is a good lantern too but it’s hanging in the closet.

Cannon, customer

A quick story about CARB CLEANER: In Afghanistan, we had an original BriteLyt Brass 829. It stopped working well. My Sergeant took it apart, cleaned everything and added CARB CLEANER (don’t know where he got it) and WOW…that old beat-up 829 worked like new.

Finally, I know you say NOT to use dirty fuel, but in Afghanistan, when we were operating with the Pashtuns, JP-8 was not available, so we used some really iffy OLD Soviet gasoline. Filtered it sure, to take the junk out of it, but it burned okay, but stunk bad! Ran me out of the cave!

Thanks for your help and the BEST nighttime tool a solder ever had! Fifteen years experience with BriteLyt. Never an accident, never a failure. Always…BRITELYT.

Best regards,


I’ve had my CP 150 and 500 lanterns now, for 11 years. They still work great, and have had many gallons of fuel used in them. The CP150 I took to Kosovo with me. The lanterns burn JP8 beautifully, but gasoline works great as well.

Thanks for a good product that is safe to use and easy, once you learn the system. It takes a little experience, but like riding a bicycle, once you get it down, you don’t forget.

Thanks and God Bless!

LTC, US Army (Retired)

Ft. Hood, Texas
Mike, LTC, US Army (Retired)

22 Dec 2017
I just received the brass pump for my petromax with the 2 o ring set up installed it and it works so good! No more leather cup to wear you out and frustrate you thanks so much for the fast shipping and extra mantle, I am one happy customer and will be in the future again

thanks James

James, Happy customer

My best friend and I ended up with one of the original Hipolito lanterns. there is simply no comparison to any other available products – we used it side by side while camping to a coleman lantern.. it was a pure white light not a ruddy yellow. the quality and craftsmanship is above reproach, these are not buy and throw away when broke these are buy 1 have it for the rest of your life and will it to someone. the original german model had a cool “jagermister” like etch on the globe but other than that these are made with the same top quality precision. I’m buying one for my son – maybe he never uses it and it sits in a closet, but if he needs or uses it once its worth it. the engineering is something to truly appreciate but not the petromax

The New BriteLyt XL is much better then the past lanterns or today see all the improvements .
Chris , Self
BriteLyt Premier Package Nickel Plated Brass Lantern (06-05-17)

I have been able to use it several times and I must say this is a really incredible piece of equipment.

There just isn’t any other unit on the market that comes close to this as far as the versatility and functionality. This is also the nicest metal work and finish I think I have ever seen in my life.

Clearly a ton of engineering went into ensuring this would be a highly reliable and versatile tool.

My hats off to you and your company for such a tremendous product and customer service experience.
Derek, customer
Hi Eddie,

Just a note to let you know I received the package today ( June 1, 2017) and promptly went to work on the lantern. It is now back and line and better still, NO MORE Petromax thumb!

Thank you for the time you took with me on the phone yesterday. Not only did I appreciate your professionalism , I really enjoyed our conversation!

Kind Regards,
Mario, customer
I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for fixing my old lantern (1960’s) and for your generosity concerning ding on the tank. Please don’t feel badly about that, it really isn’t that noticeable and you’ve given me a lantern that will last my family a life time of camping, and I’m grateful. I thought that the older petromax was the prettiest lantern I’ve owned until I un-boxed that new BriteLyt XL lantern you sent, its absolutely beautiful!

I have yet to fire them both up as things have been hectic around the house with family visiting, but I’m looking forward to it. We do a lot of camping throughout New England and New York and we’re looking forward to showing off that BriteLyt XL lantern; I’m sure someone’s bound to ask about it.

With the deepest gratitude,
Dave, customer
Functional Piece of Art

Just got my BriteLyt Premier Package. Used it all weekend (May 19,2017), I am overwhelmed with the quality of construction and functionality.

Everyone needs to have one in your camping box as well as the emergency kit.

I just can’t say enough about the quality, one the best investments you can make.
Tom, customer
Just wanted to let you know that my BriteLyt XL lantern performed flawlessly at Scout camp last weekend and was quite the conversation piece. Thanks to BriteLyt and especially for outstanding customer service and support of a world class product.

David, David
Hi Eddie,
I got lovely lantern last Monday, and she worked perfectly. I would like to buy 500cp w/nickel plated brass, could you please quote price including shipping cost?

Joseph, customer
Hello Eddie,

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful customer support and technical expertise when I called regarding my Hipolito #1 stove. You answered all my questions and suggested what parts I might need to get my new found stove running. Ordering on the website was easy and the parts arrived very quickly. I also want to thank you for providing the links on how to light the stove. They were very helpful. I installed all the parts today and after preheating, the stove fired right up. I have attached some pictures of my stove in action! Thanks again, Eddie. Your help was greatly appreciated!

Copy and paste below links in your address box below to see stove:

Hipolito stove

Hipolito Stove adjustable

Mark, customer
150CP parts:
Thanks Eddie’
I already ordered the Parts I need. you guys are Great. it is always smooth sailing with you. Thanks
Peter, customer
Hi Eddie

I received my order yesterday and want to thank you for all your help, advice and special parts you have given to me (mantel’s etc). The Lantern is functioning properly now and all is OK.
Thanks, for all you have done. You have been GREAT.

Your Friend
John , Customer
This isn’t a testimony.
I wanted to point out since kerosene is pretty pricey in places you can go to your local airport and purchase Jet A fuel. Jet A fuel is kerosene granted it is dyed blue because it is an Aviation fuel, but if you bring your own fuel canisters they will sell you as much as you want or need. I use Jet A in all of my kerosene stoves and lanterns without any issues.
Hi Eddie,

I am back in the business of chasing darkness away! Installed the new part #10, pressurized and have not seen the pressure gauge move in an hour. Thank you for all your help and the videos. I love my BriteLyt lantern!

David, customer
August 30th 2016

Dear Sirs,

After getting off the phone with Coleman regarding how to fix my stove, I have come to really appreciate the help BriteLyt has given me. Coleman wouldn’t give one bit of advice, didn’t have a simple O ring part, and wanted to defer me to their repair department which would cost me money and time that wouldn’t have made keeping the stove worth it.

Thank you for all the help you have given me to run and problem solve my lantern when the pressure gauge was sticking. I can’t imagine getting that kind of help from Coleman.

Kerry from Rimrock AZ.
Kerry, customer
Hi Eddie,
I have to say that your patience and customer service has been fantastic. Your a genius, finally found the issue. I took out 33-B and placed in a Sonic Cleaner, and perfect, everything is now working as expected. Thanks so much for your help, these things are a little tricky, but you are the man I have learnt all about the lantern by going through this process which is great…..

Thanks so much for your help and patience. Happy customer again 🙂

Thanking You

Beau, customer
Greetings Eddie,

A little follow-up on my sooty mantle issue. In my “early days” I just used kerosene for fuel and I don’t remember much of a problem with sooty mantles, but I also paid more attention to what was going on – i.e., the lantern didn’t run without me present. Gradually I have begun to use the lantern as a combo light source and mosquito repellent by mixing citronella oil in with whatever I was using, most like Jet Fuel A1. (Kerosene is obscenely priced in stores and unavailable in quantities less than 55 gallons here.) Getting older and lazier, I quit cutting the citronella with naphtha or kerosene just burning it straight for simplicity and maximum mosquito deterrence. The key thing that has changed is the fuel type.

Last night I burned out the rest of the citronella and everything was going well until the lantern ran out of fuel. Sooty mantle, but only about 70%. I used to let the lantern just run out without a problem, but of course the fuel was more conventional. I filled the lantern again with enough gasoline to just get it started to see if the mantle could be recovered. The mantle was bright and white in less than a minute. (I was actually surprised!) When the lantern ran out of fuel, the mantle remained white. Back to the way things seemed to be when kerosene was the only fuel I used.

So in my case, it seems to be mostly a matter of the fuel I was using. Obvious in retrospect, but for some reason not to me without your reminder. Also, I wish I had tried to restore of the previous mantle that had been completely soot covered with a tank of gasoline. I tried with the remaining citronella in the tank and that just was going to work. I suspect that the flame temperature of citronella is lower than gasoline or kerosene, but I can’t find a reference resource on that subject that is truly authoritative.

Again, thanks for your help!


Ted, customer
Hi Eddie,

The Permatex version of exhaust sealer (muffler mend) did the trick-lantern now burns flawlessly once warmed up and for hours on end (until it needs a few pumps, and/or, runs out of fuel).

Again, the upgraded part (Demo 117XL) makes a huge difference in light output. I think I’m just going to throw out the ceramic burner and tube (I’m not keen on the yellow light it produces).

Thanks Eddie for you tireless help and advice-you’re a great asset to BriteLyt, and, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this companies products and parts to anyone that is into pressure lanterns.

Dave, customer
grew up using them in the Lebanese war during the 1980’s at 13 I learned how to use the lanterns so did every one who grew up during the war . when I saw the website I had tears in my eyes . I know that sounds crazy but they were very dependable and give out the brightest light. Every night for 19 years , I’ve even published a book For the love of Beirut and the lantern was mentioned in the story. other companies are selling the cheep ones this is the real deal. Best quality and dependable if you want the cheep stuff look elsewhere 🙂
sam eloud, For The Love Of Beirut
Hi Eddie,

I just received and installed the Demo 117XL burner. Much whiter than the original Petromax ceramic burner and tube assy.. Can’t look at it very long (unless I’m wearing a welders shield)!

Thanks very much for your advice and pointing in the right direction to get this. This is my third order with your outfit, and, I enjoy doing business with Brightlyte.

Thanks Again,

Dan, customer

Before you ask, I am in know way affiliated with this company or benefit in any way from there sale. I am posting this as information and personal experience on the best lantern I have ever personally used.

I bought my Britelyt this past year when I first started researching. I have absolutely loved everything about the lantern. The only real problem I have is that my wife loves it so much (she uses it as a decorative piece in our living room) she doesn’t want me lighting it. I have to sneak it out to the garage to play with it while she’s at work. The lantern is so heavily constructed, you could probably run it over with a tank & still “fire” it up. I bet I’ll get close to 50 yrs out of this lantern . The Lantern can run on ANY fuel and kicks out close to 400 watts of light (more than enough to d__ near blind you and heat your room. I am willing to bet derrick picks up at least a dozen of these beauties to add to survival collection. Buy the reflector shield, it will drastically increase your lighting. Definitely purchase the BriteLyt EZ-Pump valve! This will makes pumping easier, and helps to prevent mantle breakage. With the EZ-pump valve, you can use a bicycle pump (hand or foot) or, with adapter, you can use the superflate CO2 cartridges system. The superflate can be purchased at most bicycle shop or on the web. Loved the new EZ cook top to. Thanks Matt
Matt, customer

Just got off the phone with the woman at Britelyt. She is the nicest person you would ever want to meet! We had a conversation about the products…! ordered the lantern and the stove top. I asked her about soot output and she said basically there was non-if preheated properly.
John, customer

Dear Eddie,

This is Tom the rescuer that works mount hood and Rainer mountain rescue, thank you for all your help today this is the first time I ever had a problem with my lamp it is used almost every day in the work I do there has been times I have used it 5 days strait other than to fuel it up and wear 20 thousand feet up and cold that’s at 40 below.

I have tried it all this is the only one when it comes to my life and others I have relied on it in my work.

There is a very little that at the extremes that will hold up to this stuff I think I have used it on over 20 rescues and they are usually 5 days or more all day and night if you folks need something that can handle it, all this is the lamp for you this ant for kids this is the best!

Thank you Tom!
Tom, customer

Britelyt, thank you! What a great lantern. I am now your biggest fan! My wife commented on it from the moment I pulled it out of the box. We are avid hunters but also preppers. I ordered two but will buy a couple of more after witnessing what your new 500 lantern can do first hand. It’s brighter than my arc welder and just for fun we cooked venison sausage on top of it tonight with my EZcook. Delicious! If anyone is asking what they need to buy as necessary accesories please share my testimonial for the EZpump and the EZcook adapters. They are must haves. This is just an awesome product, I cannot thank you enough!

I just received my lantern and have to thank you for exceeding my expectations. The lantern is absolutely stunning! I have it set next to my Petromax and there is no comparison. It’s quieter, brighter and believe it or not, looks like a much higher grade piece of equipment.

I will admit, I had a little difficulty lighting it for the first time but your technical service got me up and running. Turns out it was user error, not the lantern.

I really cannot thank you enough, I plan on buying a second one as a Christmas present for my son. Congratulations on such a great new product!

– Hugh D.
Hugh, Customer

I am writing to congratulate the Britelyt company on the new design and successful production run of the 829/500 cp lantern! I received delivery on October 10, 2013. Out of the box some relatives of mine commented on how aesthetically attractive the lantern looks. I agree. When people see it in passing they WILL comment on it! The build quality I would describe as heirloom.(I have some coleman stoves and lanterns from the 1940’s. ) This is a welcome return to high quality items that are repaired rather than discarded. The light output is blinding! The you tube videos do not convey how much light this lantern puts out! Congratulations on a superior design and well built product.
Jim R
I endorse your products…both the lantern and the little survival stove. You may quote me: “I’ve purchased both the survival stove and the lantern from BriteLyt many years ago and both work perfectly. The mantles are very strong as I have only broken 3 in all that time. The two items are used on a routine schedule for wilderness survival tours and training and for night tactical classes. Several times, I forgot to bring kerosene with the classes and had to use other types of fuels–and some of these fuels are not mentioned in the instructions! They work great even with these field-expedient fuels. During one bivouac, a returning student asked me if a street lamp was installed in the woods. I informed him that I had hoisted the lantern with para-cord from the tree limbs! The entire campsite was immersed in white light–enough to read my lesson plans and for the students to take notes from. Make sure you purchase the shade so the light will shine down. These are finely made products that are not in the same league as lanterns purchased at Wal-mart. They are more expensive but they will not have to be replaced during a lifetime of hard use. I first got interested in these high quality lanterns while viewing a National Geographic episode where explorers in South America used them on their dug-out canoes. The indigenous people owned them because they are extremely durable. It did not make sense that we in America buy inferior products for just a season. Service? BriteLyt provides expert maintenance and parts supplies. Repairs? I would not know because my lanterns have have ZERO problems.”
Ted A Sames II, SISS President
Thank you very much… got the parts day before yesterday… I have 2 old Aida lanterns that will be put back to use after many years of sitting….again thanks.. 7-19-2012

Steve, Customer