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BriteLyt is a proud distributor of Luxor™ Mantles around the world.

Lantern Packages

  • 500CP XL Lantern
  • Parts / Tool Kit
  • (6) Luxor™ Mantles
  • Fuel Funnel
  • Spirit Bottle
  • Instruction Manual
  • 500CP XL Lantern
  • Reflector / Shade
  • Carrying Case
  • Parts / Tool Kit
  • (6) Luxor™ Mantles
  • Fuel Funnel
  • Spirit Bottle
  • Instruction Manual
This package
  • 500CP XL Lantern
  • EZ-Pump™
  • EZ-Cook™
  • Heat Adapter with Shield
  • Mesh Chimney
  • Reflector / Shade
  • Carrying Case
  • Parts / Tool Kit
  • (12) Luxor™ Mantles
  • Fuel Funnel
  • Spirit Bottle
  • Instruction Manual


BriteLyt 500CP XL Nickel Plated Brass Lantern

The only Multi-Fuel lantern made today.

This package you can Light,Heat and Cook all with one lantern.

A perfect companion for your outdoor lifestyle. Constructed of a thicker, solid brass material, featuring several internationally patent pending improvements. Dual fuel lanterns and all most any fuel.

The new BriteLyt lanterns are a great fit for camping, hunting, fishing boating or simply adorning your outdoor living space.

All new BriteLyt XL lanterns come with: Viton rubber provides proven resistance to chemicals and extreme temperatures.  Patent # D/476,219 and D/476,209 9,316,367

Orders ship 1 to 3 days after order is made and paid for, Holidays in the week can cause a few days delay.

Need or would like extra mantles go to 4-6-500CP mantles

Video instructions of the EZ cook top

Video instructions of the Heat adapter

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5 reviews for 500CP XL Premier Package Nickel Chrome Plated Brass-part#SP3-1

  1. Jim

    I am writing to congratulate the Britelyt company on the new design and successful production run of the 829/500 cp lantern! I received delivery on October 10, 2013. Out of the box some relatives of mine commented on how aesthetically attractive the lantern looks. I agree. When people see it in passing they WILL comment on it! The build quality I would describe as heirloom.(I have some coleman stoves and lanterns from the 1940’s. ) This is a welcome return to high quality items that are repaired rather than discarded. The light output is blinding! The you tube videos do not convey how much light this lantern puts out! Congratulations on a superior design and well built product.

    Jim Roberts

  2. Sam (verified owner)

    I got the polished brass one and the Crome 🙂 grew up in Beirut Lebanon during a long bad war zone and those lanterns kept hope alive since we had no electricity so I used them since I was 13 in 1982 . On a daily bases . And they were the cheep china stuff . These are the real deal . I might sound crazy but I love them . And in hot humid condition of the medetarainan . Worked every time as long as you did a good preheat . You can read about them in my book if you like real action a true story (For The Love Of Beirut . You will see how I panicked during a flam out and tossed it into the street from a ten story building 🙂 that’s why always preheat . Good luck you will love them . Bring it on hurricane 🙂

  3. Sam (verified owner)

    My name is Sam Eloud you can google me I used these lanterns during the Lebanese war and I loved them then and I love them even more now since I can turn on the light switch now 🙂 but during the war in Lebanon we used them evry day . Even my mom knows how to use them . Now that I ordered two of them one Crome and one polished brass . They are the Ak-47s of lanterns any thing else would be unsevelized 🙂 great job guys form every guy that owns one of these lanterns know what I’m talking about.

  4. Tom

    Just got my BriteLyt Premier Package. Used it all weekend, I am overwhelmed with the quality of construction and functionality.
    Everyone needs to have one in your camping box as well as the emergency kit.
    I just can’t say enough about the quality, one the best investments you can make.

  5. Stephen Sherer (verified owner)

    July 2, 2018 500CP Nickel Premier Package. Years of ownership 1.5 years. Hours of use about 500.

    Bought the third generation 500cp lantern in January of 2016 and was completely impressed when I took it out of the box. Well made, rugged and something that will last a life time with maintenance and care. I have many different lanterns but this Britlyt is the most fun to use and yes, the most economical in terms of fuel savings compared to other lanterns which require more expensive fuels. This lantern cooks great. The heating element is needed for cooking in addition to the cook stove top. This lantern will fry up bacon, home fries and eggs just like the stove at home. Or hamburgers and french fries. Cast iron skillets or quality thick bottom cookware works best. I have also found that this lantern is great for cooking with pressure cookers. The Britelyt 500cp lantern will keep a large eight quart pressure cooker at high pressure. This is great for keeping heat out of the house in the summer time. Best stew you have ever made in one hour, not three. This assumes you use your recipe that way you can’t loose the contest.

    Other interesting points. The lantern keeps a nice shiny look with basic care. It looks so good my wife insists that it be kept on the mantle above the fire place. It looks like it belongs there. Another interesting point, the Britelyt lantern is a great conversation piece when guests arrive. It is always noticed, admired and talked about. You should see the look on there faces when they see the lantern really cooking. Sometimes it’s just simple hamburgers and fries. Often, it is stew in the pressure cooker heated with the Britlyt 500CP lantern.

    Fuel choices. We burn low sulfer diesel fuel exclusively for cooking. Mineral Spirits for a bright light while fishing. The fuel is mixed as prescribed in the instructions. You just can’t go wrong with this lantern. It’s bright, reliable, always ready and never any trouble. Run times we achieve with different fuels. Diesel mix 8+ hours. Kerosene mix 14+ hours. Mineral Spirits Mix 20+ hours. When cooking we use low sulfer diesel as it has the most BTU’s.

    I want to thank Ed, Chris and all those at Britelyt for such a great lantern. Can’t wait for the single burner stoves to be available.

    Steve & Bridget July 2018 Happy Customers

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