Double-O-Ring for all size lanterns-part#46-2-Oring

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Part Double 46-O-Ring

BriteLyt Double O-ring system (part #46-2-Oring) replacement part for the 46 leather washer & parts 45,47.

Replacing older lanterns that are not the newer BriteLyt will need part number click on> 43 rod if you’re getting O-ring system

BriteLyt’s NEW patented Part #46-2-O-ring takes the place of your #46 leather washer & 45, 47.

Just take off the leather washer and put on part #46-O-ring.

If you have an older lantern you may need part 43 to use parts 46-2-oring or 46-1-oring.

Increases 50% -95% more air into tank then with leather washer or single O-ring system.

Replacement O-ring’s can be brought from any hardware or home care store, it’s a standard type, we also carry them See our web store at this link.

BriteLyt Patented O-ring system (Patent #6,863,526.)

1 review for Double-O-Ring for all size lanterns-part#46-2-Oring

  1. Barry (verified owner)

    This Brite Lyt Double O-ring system reduced the time and effort over the original pump leather and does not leave debri in the pump chamber like the leather did.

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