Heat Shield with BriteLyt Heating Adaptor-part#HPBHA


HPBHA heat adapter and shield fits all older 500CP HK and 350CP HK lanterns. This heat shield part 126-s will not work on the New 500CP XL lanterns.

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HPBHA – Heat Shield with BriteLyt Heating Adaptor.

HPBHA – Heat Shield with BriteLyt Heating Adaptor. For 350CP and 500CP, Petromax, Aida,Hipolito,Geniol and BriteLyt and a lot more older lanterns.

This HPBHA is not made for the New BriteLyt XL lantern, you will need a BriteLyt XL heat shield for that.

HPBHA – (Heating Plate w/BriteLyt Heating Adaptor) – This part is for lanterns not equipped with Part #126S(Stainless Protection Plate).

BHA– BriteLyt Heating Adaptor (Allows lantern to be used for heater only – Use with or without mantle.)

This adaptor increases the heat output of the lantern, and allows you to use the lantern for heating, or with the EZ-Cook adaptor.

  Light,Heat,Cook all with one lantern.

Helps cooking with the lantern faster.
REMEMBER……Always have some type of ventilation, when using these products.

Because of Carbon Monoxide.

Package includes #BHA (Heat Adaptor),(126-S Heat Shield) with 2 attaching screws.
All parts made of Stainless Steel.(patent pending)

 Unassembled Item: Go to our BriteLyt Heating Adaptor Instructions link, below, to see how to assemble.

BriteLyt Heating Adaptor Instructions. Also see in action at the bottom of the page.

Video demonstration BriteLyt BHA       or above look at the Video Tab.

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