BriteLyt/Petromax 500CP Mantle Pack (6 Pack)


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BriteLyt/Petromax 500CP Mantle Pack (6 Pack)

Our new and improved BriteLyt 500CP lantern mantles.

Single tie mantles. Hand Tied makes a better mantle.

These mantles are non-radioactive and hand tied exclusively for BriteLyt. We've upgraded the tie strings to a durable braided thread which reduces the chance the strings will break when installing the mantle.

Highly recommended to achieve the brightest light possible from your lantern

This item is a 6 pack and is intended for use in 500CP/HK/XL lanterns.

(For all 500CP/HK or Lanterns Approx 16" in Height)

This is a one tie mantle and is included with all BriteLyt lanterns.

Made for most generations of: Aida, Hipolito, Geniol, Petromax, BriteLyt, Santrax, American Camper, SeaAnchor, Wenzel, Coleman and more.



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