150CP/ BriteLyt Leather washer parts kit-Part#1020-10-150CP


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150CP/ BriteLyt Leather washer parts kit

New Parts kit with Leather washer, for older pump systems.

Parts 11,(17 in part 10) and 193 made of Viton rubber provides proven resistance to chemicals and extreme temperatures. It’s the most specified rubber for fuel system seals and hoses, O-rings and gaskets.

150CP parts kit most needed for rugged, heavy usage, or for older lantern rebuilding.

Parts will also work for older generations ..Petromax ,Hipolito ,Aida ,Geniol,& BriteLyt.

Parts in kit: #The New Part 1-10 made of Viton rubber, #83-1,#193-1 made of Viton rubber,#194-1,#195-1,#90-2,#50-1,#68-2,Leather washer for pump-1,#229-1, 1-#11 made of Viton rubber.

See were the parts go in this youtube video.


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