150 CP BriteLyt Nickel & Chrome Plated Brass Lantern and Reflector


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Multi-Fuel 2-piece set- 150CP BriteLyt Lantern & Reflector w/nickel platting.

Included in this order:
1 150CP Nickel Plated brass lantern
1 Top Reflector Nickel Plated
3 150CP mantles
1 Funnel
1 Alcohol bottle
1 Tool kit and a few spares parts

Lantern made of brass w/ Nickel plating.
Dimensions: Approx. 11″ 1/2″ – Height.,
Tank- Approx: 4″ 3/4″ Across.
Holds Approx: 1 pint of fuel & burns Approx: 20 hours on high.
All of our lanterns are Rapid Preheat.
Approx: 100-watts light output

All new BriteLyt lanterns come with: Viton rubber provides proven resistance to chemicals and extreme temperatures.


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